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Project Description
SharePoint Harvester is a simple library that recurses through all sites, lists, items starting from a given start point. The code fires events that can be handled based on what you are looking for.

Often one has to write code to loop through all of SharePoint to make some sort of a sweeping change. Making such changes directly in the database is a bad idea and is not supported by Microsoft. So the best way to do so is to use the SharePoint WSS object model. SharePoint Harvester hopefully will make it easier to do so by providing a recursive traverser of a SharePoint application firing events when a site, list, item etc is found.

This is really simple code. Soon a few tools that use the harvester will be released.

Just released version 1.1 which adds a few more event handlers that wil return ASPX pages (web pages and webpart pages) and webparts.

Example of using Harvester can be found at:

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